The Beginning

I knew I wanted to join the Army well before i’d even gone to university, but at 15 there’s only so much you can learn about what it’s like to be an Officer. Naturally I began to Google and search around on the internet in the hope of finding some inspiration. However after several hours searching I realised no video or article was going to teach me how to lead. And that was the end of it.

5 Years Later

Fast forward a couple of years and i’ve commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the British Army’s leadership academy. Much more interested now to find leadership inspiration I turned back to the web. This time however my search took me to a series of TED Talks. If a TED Talk is new to you i’d certainly recommend giving a few a watch here. There was one particular TED Talk which I found absolutely awe-inspiring and i’d like to share it with you.

The TED Talk That Changed Leadership For Me

The TED Talk was delivered by 4 Star General Stanley McChrystal of the United States Army in March 2011. In his talk he shares with us his experiences of leadership over the decades and focuses on 2 key skills he feels are fundamental to successfully leading a team.

Leaders can let you fail but yet not let you be a failure

-General Stanley McChrystal

Listen, Learn… then Lead

Your Thoughts

In this post and many of my others I have expressed that to be a successful leader you must take full advantage of the extraordinary skills your team members likely have to offer. As a CEO or any other kind of team leader, what is the most desirable skill that you look for in an employee or team member? Let me know either at Your Thoughts or in the comments below and as always i’ll respond and may even elaborate in a future post.

-The Military CEO